Let’s talk about Digital Literacies…

Digital technologies are transforming the most central activities of our University. Teaching and learning, research, administration, leadership and professional practice all now take place in settings defined by digital data and communications. The Digital Literacies Framework project at La Trobe is an exciting, whole-University initiative to explore what these changes mean.

There is no one-size-fits-all response to digital challenge and opportunity. We need new skills to stay at the cutting edge of how knowledge is discovered, created, managed, valued and shared. The digital confidence and capability of the La Trobe community – staff and students – will determine how we thrive in the coming decades. What it means to be digitally able depends on our roles, expertise and responsibilities.   Developing a digital literacies framework is a scholarly undertaking which needs as many people as possible to think, discover and have a voice.

The Digital Literacies Framework project Reference Group has recently started the conversation. We have been talking about and exploring Latrobe’s strategies and priorities related to digital literacies, our digital environment, our support services, and what a digitally literate La Trobe staff member looks like.

The Reference Group invites you to join the ongoing conversations that take place in the coming weeks. We hope to arrive at a better understanding of what we all need to thrive in – and as – a digital university. And this understanding will inform the development of a Digital Literacies Framework for La Trobe.

Where do you think we need to build our digital confidence and capability?


One thought on “Let’s talk about Digital Literacies…

  1. Fantastic initiative! Keen to learn more about accessing resources as a new staff member. For example, I’m currently trying to source best mind mapping tool to incorporate into teaching where students can collaborate on the one platform


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