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Digital literacies seminar – join the conversation in Melbourne or online

La Trobe University Library is very excited to be hosting a digital literacies seminar in Melbourne on Tuesday 15th December with Helen Beetham as our guest speaker.  Helen is currently in Australia working with La Trobe University. Join us at the La Trobe University city campus or online for the webinar. Register online by Friday 12th December or link to selected webinar sessions .

A seminar hosted by La Trobe University

Tuesday 15 December 2015

La Trobe University Library invites you to attend a seminar on digital literacies and their importance in higher education – now and in the future. Digital literacies are defined by the UK’s Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) as the capabilities required to live, work and learn in a digital world. Learning in a digital age, particularly at university level, makes special demands on staff and students and requires the development of capabilities so that students are not just prolific but proficient in their use of technology. This seminar will explore the capabilities staff and students will need in an increasingly digital world and consider how we might improve digital literacies in our own organisations.

Guest speaker: Helen Beetham

Helen Beetham is an experienced education consultant and specialist in digital literacies, digital futures, e-learning, pedagogy and innovation. Helen has worked as a consultant for JISC and contributed to the development of the JISC digital literacies framework.


10:00am Jennifer Peasley, La Trobe University

Welcome and introduction

Helen Beetham, Consultant in Higher Education

What is digital literacy? Why is it important? The UK experience: organisational strategies for change

Join online via WebEx at

10:50am Morning tea
11:00am Activity: what does a digitally literate staff member look like?
12:00pm Lunch
12:45pm Fiona Salisbury/Jennifer Peasley, La Trobe University

Developing a digital literacies framework: the La Trobe University experience

Join online via WebEx at

1:15pm Activity: what helps and hinders staff to become more digitally confident?
2:00pm Helen Beetham, Consultant in Higher Education

How can we move towards building digital literacy capability in our own universities?

Join online via WebEx at

3:00pm Close

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