Bringing it all together

It’s been a hectic week since I arrived at La Trobe, but the result is that we can really see all the hard work of the last few months coming together. I’ve been going through the outcomes from the seven focus groups, the meetings in schools led by library learning advisers, and the many conversations that have taken place at the Reference Group and with key stakeholders around the University. We have also had a chance to review the data from the staff survey, which had an impressive 422 participants and many useful free text responses that we have only just begun to analyse.

We now have a tentative list of recommendations and future actions under four key headings:

  1. Building the digital University – making sure La Trobe’s digital infrastructure, policy and support services are all working to promote innovation and enable the development of digital expertise

2. Embedding digital literacy into staff development

3. Embedding digital literacy into the curriculum and the student experience

4. Engaging stakeholders in an ongoing conversation about digital practice in teaching and scholarship – asking what it means to be a digital University and how this agenda fits with La Trobe’s ethos and scholarly culture

Thanks to everyone who has engaged in the conversation. We are determined to keep the debate going across the University’s diverse schools and services, and to generate consensus for some of the actions that have come out of the process so far.




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