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Digital Literacies: a seminar, a new community

Tuesday’s seminar at La Trobe’s City campus was attended by delegates from as far away as Queensland. Initially planned for Victorian university libraries, the event was opened up more widely to meet the unexpected demand. There were also around 40 online participants, though unfortunately (given our topic) there were some technical difficulties with the last of the three sessions. Apologies if you were disappointed. I have re-recorded both the sessions that I contributed, along with the slides, and those recordings are available through the links below.

Here you see delegates engaging enthusiastically with the first of our activities – designing a ‘digitally literate’ student and educator. This follows on my opening session about what digital literacy means and why it matters. The design task has proved a valuable exercise at La Trobe, where 7 focus groups and a range of other professional services have engaged with it, and where the outcomes have fed into the design of two digital literacy frameworks for staff and students.

Fiona and Jenny went on to talk about how La Trobe has been taking the agenda forwards (see slides below), with the audit, survey and the framework development (more about our outcomes very shortly).

In the afternoon, I spoke about how central innovation funding – much of it through Jisc – has enabled universities in the UK to respond to changes in the digital environment and digital practice. This was followed by more discussion around the questions ‘what helps staff to be digital innovators?’ and ‘what makes innovation more difficult?’ Both activities have been written up and the outcomes will be shared.

Finally Fiona and Jenny explored whether there was interest in evolving the seminar group into a sustainable community of practice around digital litearcies in Australian Universities. Happily there was enthusiasm for the idea. Again, watch this space for more news.

DL Seminar for Australian Universities HBeetham
DL Seminar for Australian Universities FSalisbury JPeasley

LTU Digital Literacies Framework project
LTU Digital Literacy Frameworks abridged seminar version

Part 1
Part 2


You can also follow the ongoing discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #DLAustralia.


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