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Picturing a ‘digitally literate’ student and educator…

Designing a ‘digitally literate’ student and educator was the first group activity at the DL seminar held in Melbourne on 15 December.  What does a digitally literate educator look like and what does a digitally literate student look like?  These are the questions that have been uppermost in our mind at La Trobe University as we have been developing a Digital Literacies framework for the University over the past six months. They’re questions that were fundamental to our project and not surprisingly we haven’t tired of talking about them; our discussions provided the starting point for developing our DL framework. For me it was very exciting to be able to talk more on this topic at the DL seminar. Participants from 20 institutions across Australia enthusiastically debated the digital attributes and practices of staff and students and also translated their words into images (see link below). Common across both pictures is that staff and students need to be “purposeful and discriminating” in how they use technology to achieve their goals.

Because digital practice of staff and students is constantly evolving, in the second seminar activity we considered what helps and what hinders staff to innovate in the digital space.  While some issues were specific to our institutions we also had a lot in common. Lots of common themes emerged around culture, personal and professional development, IT support and resourcing.

Pictures and Notes
DL Seminar activity outcomes 15Dec15


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